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Automatic vs Manual transmission cars

Don’t worry, this post is not advice on how to live your life. Actually, on second thought, it is. Well, no, not really, it’s mostly about cars. And life. Maybe I should start off with my main point: Things which are “easy-to-use” often come with hidden drawbacks. Some examples: Point-and-shoot digital cameras (vs Digital SLR […]


The Galaxy Nexus PenTile display: comparing apples and oranges

There has been a lot of discussion on the ‘net about the infamous PenTile display. Lots of sites are throwing numbers around, comparing the ‘subpixel resolution’ of competing phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4/4S. Some commentary has been insane, comparing apples with oranges and declaring PenTile an abomination regardless of resolution. Others, […]


Orewa college requiring laptops: Good. Recommending the iPad: Bad.

UPDATE (August 2014, 3 years since I published this article): I hate to brag, but I told you so… There’s been a story going around the media about Orewa college adding laptops to its compulsory stationary list. Furthermore, Orewa college has recommended the iPad as the best ‘laptop’ to use for this purpose, due to […]